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Home Staging Tip #1 of 5

5 Ways to Avoid Deal Killing Criticisms When Trying to Sell Your Home


I'm Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED!, a Professional Home Staging Company in Los Angeles.  This is the 1st of a 5 part series that will give you tips on how to stage your home and prepare it for sale.

You might think that staging your home to sell is not so important so you've left it off your list entirely.  Well... you might consider rethinking that notion.

Consider this fact:  The National Association of Realtors report that today, more than 85% of Home Buyers search for homes online before ever actually setting foot unto a property.  So let's have a moment of honesty shall we?  Imagine if you listed your home for sale today and your Real Estate Agent took pictures of your home right now.  What would prospective Buyers think of your home's overall space, cleanliness, upkeep and condition? Would they be compelled to make an offer or will they decide that you're asking way too much for far too little?  Get it?

So why give money away by leaving money on the negotiation table by deciding that you don't need Professional Home Staging?  You see, staging your home to sell before you lists not only gets you prepped to sell but it gets you better pictures for your listing too, which creates more interest and views online. More interest in your property translates into multiple offers.  Multiple offers mean you get the sales price you want. Getting the price you want equals a speedy closing.  A speedy closing means... well, you fill in the blank of what it means to you.

So...  getting Professional Home Staging BEFORE you list is our #1 tip on ways to avoid deal killing criticisms when trying to sell your home.

I'm Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED! thank you for joining me here today and look for me next week when I'll share tip # 2 of this 5 part series.  Thank you.