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Home Staging Tip #2 of 5

5 Ways to Avoid Deal Killing Criticisms When Trying to Sell Your Home


Hi… I’m Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED! a Professional Home Staging Company here in Los Angeles.

Today I’m going to share with you our # 2 tip of 5 on how to avoid deal killing criticisms when trying to sell your home.

Today’s tip has everything to do with decluttering. Decluttering on the surface, sounds very easy. Most people might just think ‘well I’ll just put my junk in a closet’.  Well, that's not necessarily the case when it comes to decluttering your house to prep and stage it for sale.

​Let’s think about what buyers are and what they do.  They are 'Lookie Loos'. When they show up to your open house or to view your home, buyers are going to go through all of your cabinetry, your kitchen and your drawer space. They’re going to open up every single closet you own, look at how much counter space there is in your kitchen, and they’re even going to look into your garage because all buyers are looking for space. 

So, if you’ve just taken all of your things that are either laying around or don't have a place for, and just shoved them into a closet somewhere, then technically you’re showing the buyer that they won’t have enough space in what will be their new home.  And remember you’re trying to sell a buyer your home but also a lifestyle that goes with the home. 

That said, decluttering is more than just taking your things and stuffing them into a corner.  You will really have to take a look at how much you have and how much you need.  You might want to use off sight storage for some of the things that you can put away for your future home.  So if you don’t have enough garage space to pack things away neatly and label them per room… living room, dining room, etc, as you’re moving and stack them neatly into your garage space, then doing an off site storage unit would be the best answer to store excessive things.

Of course closets, you want to pare down things you don’t need.  And you can always prepack.  So for example, if its the summer and you’re selling, you can pack up all of your winter items and place them neatly in storage.  Now they will be out of the way so that when buyers or prospective buyers are looking at your home, they see the kind of space that they would be able to enjoy once they’ve purchased your home.

Kitchen counter tops are no exception.  You don’t need every kitchen and small appliance you own on top of your counters.  If a few have to be out, they should be neatly organized so that a prospective buyer can visualize themselves, not in your old house but their new house.

Again, I’m Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED! Professional Home Staging Company here in Los Angeles.  Thank you so much for joining me today.  Tune in next week when we’ll cover tip #3 on ways to avoid deal killing criticisms when trying to sell your home.

​Thanks… see you then!