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Home Staging Tip #3 of 5

5 Ways to Avoid Deal Killing Criticisms When Trying to Sell Your Home


Hi… I’m Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED! a Professional Home Staging Company right here in Los Angeles.

Today I’m going to cover with you tip # 3 of 5 Ways to Avoid Deal Killing Criticisms when trying to sell your home.

Today’s topic is all about depersonalization.  Well what does that mean exactly?  Well when you live in a home the house is yours so you tend to personalize it the way you want with all the accents and wall colors and things that you enjoy.  However, when you’re trying to sell your house, you are trying to neutralize the space as much as possible while still making it feel warm like a home.

So then, we want to then take away some our most personal effects. So if you have things as simple as your toothbrush and toothpaste out on your vanity top in the bathroom, those things need to be out of sight so that when a potential buyer comes in, they’re not looking at your things.  They’re visualizing their things in the space instead of yours.

Another thing to depersonalize is artwork.  You may be a person that has lots of family photos or sports memorabilia on the wall.  Those kinds of things can serve more as a distraction for a potential buyer than an added feature.  You want them to see what your home is all about, not necessarily your family or the team that you’re involved in. 

Although those things are wonderful for you, it is very hard for a potential buyer to get past those things because in every space as they walk through your home, they’re looking at everything that's YOU.  And what they’re trying to do and what you need to allow them to do is visualize THEM in the space.  Which is ‘hey… how do I see myself in this home?  Is this home the right one for me and does it make me want to put in an offer because I can see myself here?’

So remember, tip #3 is Depersonalization of things to do to in order to avoid deal killing criticisms when trying to sell your home.

​Thanks for joining me today.  I will see you next time.  Take care.