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Home Staging Tip #4 of 5

5 Ways to Avoid Deal Killing Criticisms When Trying to Sell Your Home


Hi… This is Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED! a Professional Home Staging Company in Los Angeles.

Today I’m going to share with you tip # 4 of our 5 part series of Ways to Avoid Deal Killing Criticisms when trying to sell your home.

​Today’s topic deals with ODORS!  Funny.  Right?  Well…not so much in the eye of the buyer.  It is very, very, very important that no matter how immaculately staged your home is for sale, that there are no potentially offensive odors that exist in the home. 

Potentially offensive odors are pet and food odors and even cigarette odors that kind of linger.  For those of you have pets or smoke or enjoy that highly seasoned food cooked at home, that’s wonderful.  But when you have potential buyers coming into the space, it’s going to be important to note that they will see and smell everything you don’t. 

When you live in a space, you become very easily acclimated to the smells and sounds of that space.  When a prospective buyer comes in, it’s all new, it’s all fresh to them and so they’re going to very quickly pick up on anything that seems out of place.  And certainly if they smell pet odor, cigarette smoke or last night’s dinner, that can possibly be something that will be a deterrent for them and turn them off to purchasing your home.

​An impression that one gets if smells of a home aren’t quite right is a lasting one and they will walk out of that beautifully staged home thinking ‘Umm… it’s beautiful, but it stinks!’  So they won’t be able to live there.  So certainly, you want to make sure you make your best effort to clean up any potentially offensive odors for prospective buyers before your open house.

Again, this is Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED! Thank you so much for joining us here today.  And see me next week when we’ll talk about the 5th and final way to avoid deal killing criticisms when trying to sell your home.

​Take care.