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Give the gift that keeps on giving... the gift of professional home staging or interior redesign

How many times have you given flowers for Mother's day or chocolate for Valentine's day?  How much do you struggle to decide on the perfect Birthday or holiday gift because you've run out of ideas?   Wouldn't it be awesome to fulfill one of their biggest dreams?  Well, struggle no more!  Give them the gift that keeps on giving that's perfect for both him and her.

Think about it... flowers die in a matter of days, a new look for their home that they actually love lasts forever.

UPSTAGED! can provide your loved one with a complete interior redesign service of one or more areas of their home and give them the beautiful space that they've always wanted.  They might even need help with taming their wild closet or finding more space in their home office.  We can assist them with that and much more with our home organization services.  

How excited would they be to see that you have taken such care and consideration in choosing such a special gift for them.  They'll think about you everyday!

And no worries... if the gift of a complete interior redesign of one or more of their spaces is not possible, then gift them a Detailed Consultation with one of our expert Redesigners.  Your loved one will receive information and details on how to make their space look as beautiful as they imagined and they can create their vision at their own pace.

Contact us now and start giving your loved ones this incredible gift!


Let your personal style shine through

So you're not interested in selling your house, but are bored with the look of your home or feel the itch for something new?  Have outdated furnishings begun to depress you and you don't know what to do?  Then let UPSTAGED! re-introduce you to your home in a whole new way by completing an Interior Redesign.  We will refresh your home's style with beautiful and modern aesthetics that make you feel good about where you live again.

We edit, rearrange and organize your space using as much of your furnishings as possible and add new items where needed.  However, if you're in the mood to usher in the "new", we are happy to provide a whole new look by skillfully planning for new furnishings and accessories.  After that, you can just relax and leave the shopping to us as we provide shopping services for you. You can choose to redesign your entire home or just one or two rooms that need attention.  No project is too small. 

You have the need to feel inspired.  We have the ability to refresh your home's style and create the aesthetic and flow that you're looking for.  There's nothing like feeling the comfort of your own home.  So go ahead... let UPSTAGED! Interior Redesign, Home Organization and Staging company help you fall in love with your home again.