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You already know that old adage, " The first impression is a lasting one."  But did you know that today more than 85% of home buyers search for properties online before ever setting foot into a property?  That's why many homeowners are hiring home stagers to prepare their homes for sale and that's what professional home staging Los Angeles company, UPSTAGED! is here to do.

Whether your property is occupied or vacant, your should always remember, "There are dollars in the details."  And those same details are what prospective buyers will be looking at.

That said, properties that show the best will undoubtedly be sold faster and for a greater price than those that don't.  The truth is your home has to present a lifestyle that allows potential buyers to envision themselves in "their new house", not your old one.  Everything from the curb appeal to the backyard needs to show beautifully.

At UPSTAGED! Professional Home Staging services, that's what we do.  Professional home staging services will get your property show ready and help you sell your house faster and for more while others linger on the real estate market racking up carrying costs and deferring your dreams.   We organize and stage your home to make it stand out among the competition.  And we make your MLS and internet photos look their best to attract more potential buyers.  The greater number of potential buyers, the greater your chance of receiving multiple offers and achieving your list price. 

So don't leave money on the negotiation table.  Get the best price possible and show off your home's top market value by enhancing the look of your property with professional home staging.

We show potential buyers their possibilities in the home you're selling.  Staging your home to sell fast is what we do.  So don't just get ready to sell, get UPSTAGED! and experience the difference home staging services can make.