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UPSTAGED!-  Home Staging and Interior Re-Design

The 1st time UPSTAGED! was hired, it was to stage a property that I was having a hard time selling.  The house was old and dingy and the owners did not have a lot of money to spend to bring the home up to date.  Darlene was very professional and had an exceptional eye for detail.  During my client's detailed consultation, she recommended the perfect combinations of color, furniture and lighting.  She was able to do even the small touches that made a world of difference in the appearance of the house.  With Darlene's help, the house was transformed into a warm and inviting home which received multiple offers within 15 days.  Without the help of UPSTAGED!, I know my Sellers would not have sold their home as quickly and for as much. 

Since then, I refer all my Sellers to UPSTAGED! as I know that they will get the job done right and make my listings shine.  Thank you for all your help and I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Brent Ward
Licensed Real Estate Professional

In December 2011 my husband passed away.  When that happened, I could not stay in our home because it just did not feel good and comfortable anymore, so my children and I moved to another apartment in the same development.

While the move made it a little easier, it was still hard living in basically the same place that we lived before.  There were just too many memories. There were many nights I could not sleep and nights that I could not and did not want to be home because looking around was just a reminder of the great loss.  

I was talking to a friend, telling her that the kids and I were going to move again and she suggested that since I was going to move that I should call Darlene Parris with UPSTAGED! to help freshen up my new place and maybe bring some happiness back into our lives instead of looking around of all the old things my husband and I bought together. 

I called Darlene and told her my story.  She came out to my then apartment and took note of what I had and we then went to the new home I had leased.  I got some insight as to what I was expecting for our new home, a renewal in life.

Darlene took the information I gave her, and she ran with it.  She revised not just our new home but our whole lives.  She brought back the warmth and coziness to my bedroom, living room and even my kid's room that we had been missing.  She made it a bit easier to lay in bed alone, wake up and want to stay just a bit longer.  I told her that I love my new home but I LOVE my bedroom the most.

I strongly recommend her services, not just because she is great at what she does but because she truly does care about you.  People do ministry in many different ways, and clearly this is hers; renewing and refreshing your home to fit your needs.  She frees your mind to concentrate on other things and spend just a little less time on life's stresses.  She has touched my family's life and she can do the same for yours.

Thank you Darlene and UPSTAGED! for your hard work and dedication to my family.

M. Clark

"I have known Darlene Parris and UPSTAGED! for many years and her expertise never disappoints me! I have hired she and her company UPSTAGED! many times throughout the years for various projects.  She's extremely creative and knowledgeable.  She brought me out of my 70's style with paisley prints and curly q's into present day modern contemporary where I needed to be.  She redesigned my previous home with everything from furnishings to accents and somehow managed to get my closets under control. And we are currently mapping out a redesign of my new home.  Whether I was buying, selling or just wanted something new for my home, Darlene has always made good recommendations from paint to placement to meet my home design and organizational needs.  She's staged, redesigned and organized for me and I always feel so brand new.  And she saved me a boatload of money too because she charges much less than an interior designer.  Always a job well done."

P. Chisholm

A Word of Thanks

Taking time out to say 'thank you' has almost becoming a lost art.  We at UPSTAGED! believe that each and every one of our clients deserve the best services that we have to offer.

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank you once again for your continued support and belief in the visions we've had for each property that we've staged, redesigned and organized. Thank you for your referrals and testimonials as they mean so much.  

Each property and therefore it's owner is unique and special and we appreciate the differences among you. 

Continue to live beautifully!

                                         Darlene Parris

Staging Diva Home Staging Training

"The final design was GREAT!"

L. Redway

"While looking at homes to purchase, we would go into homes for viewings and most of the time, things would be all over the place which made it difficult for us to see what the house really looked like.  As our Realtor, Darlene saw past all the clutter and helped us to open our minds to see the potential that lay hidden in each home.

After we purchased our home, we were still at a loss as to how to make it look it's best so we enlisted Darlene's professional home staging and interior redesign company, UPSTAGED!  They designed a space for us that really worked for our family.  We have and would recommend UPSTAGED! to anyone who is design or spatially challenged!"

Turner Family

"Darlene was my real estate agent and I could not have asked for a better person to be on the journey with me.  She has an eye for detail and an innate knack for decor and creating warm and inviting spaces.  Whenever I struggled to see how I could make a space work for me, Darlene would have 2 or 3 ideas on how I could transform the room into a space that I could immediately see myself enjoying."

J. Sims

"UPSTAGED! has extensive knowledge in home staging and decor. They are able to tell a story with their creations. They give you a vision of the possibilities you can have if you purchased a home that they have staged.  The designers at UPSTAGED! are true professionals and they understand the importance of building long term relationships with their clients.  Anyone that utilizes their talent will be greatly rewarded."

S. Hayes


Let's find out...

"When I decided to sell my home, I just put it on the market without much thought about how others would see it.  Unfortunately, it sat on the market without a single viewing for 3 weeks. I had heard about professional home staging services and staging your home to sell but I didn't know how it all worked.  I decided to give it a try. I called Darlene with UPSTAGED! and she was able to transform my home into a show piece.  WOW! What a difference.  My agent increased my sales price by $10,000 and I was able to choose from multiple offers within 1 week of staging and after the one and only open house my Agent held.  Thanks UPSTAGED!"

A. James